Do you know how to LEVERAGE your high level of consciousness to create the life you want?

From the desk of Andrea Hess
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Highly Conscious Spiritual Being,

Here's the really puzzling question many of you are asking:

Why are so many spiritually evolved, highly conscious people having such a hard time right now?

We're so committed to fulfilling our purpose, serving Spirit, serving others, we are open to receiving Divine guidance ...

... so why is it that our human existence seems to be getting harder, not easier?

Why is it that releasing limiting beliefs, clearing energetic blockages, saying affirmations, thinking positively, creating vision boards, asking for guidance, and working really hard on ourselves AND our spiritual evolution is NOT creating the circumstances we want?

What's going on here?

With greater consciousness, we do become more spiritually powerful.

But with greater consciousness and power also comes greater responsibility to MANAGE our spiritual resources!!!

Few people know how to manage their tremendous level of spiritual evolution so that it also creates practical results. The reason is simple.

We've NEVER been here before.

Traditionally, when we reached certain levels of consciousness, we used to go sit on a mountain top, or in a cave, or we'd join a temple. We'd meditate and pray all day. We'd abdicate "worldy" life and devote ourselves entirely to a spiritual path. Quite frankly, spiritual evolution is easier that way!

But it's a whole new world.

Right now, we're being called upon to live in the world, to fully participate in all that's mundane, practical, and monetary ... AND do so at unprecedented levels of consciousness.

We just haven't been taught how ... yet.

Internally, we're in struggle. Spiritual tradition is all about getting OUT of the human experience - whether that's about heaven, nirvana, ascension, becoming our light body, or whatever we think may happen in December 2012.

At the same time, we're being called to engage with each other in very real and practical ways. We feel called to do our purpose, which often means serving others.

Spiritual traditions teach us how to gain higher levels of consciousness.

But spiritual tradition is not teaching us how to LEVERAGE that consciousness to create an abundant and satisfying human experience.

How do we actually USE our hard-earned self-awareness and spiritual evolution to create wealth?

Are you ready for the owner's manual to your four spiritual "power tools?"

Your four "power tools" are:





Each one of these spiritual resources undergoes tremendous "upgrades" as you evolve and expand as an energetic, Divine AND human Being. How each of these "power tools" needs to be applied CHANGES completely at different vibrational levels of your personal evolution.

You have the tools to create what you want.

You just need to learn how to use them!

The new frontier of spiritual evolution is to remain FULLY ENGAGED in the human experience while exploring new levels of consciousness.

It's time to recognize that being spiritual does not have to mean being poor ...

... in spite of thousands of years of conditioning held in the collective consciousness of our planet!

You're invited to ...

Step Into Power: The Secrets of
Spiritual Wealth Creation

What exactly does LEVERAGING our spiritual evolution mean?

How do we do that?

In this four-part audio course, we will address the FOUR key elements of spiritual power that we highly conscious folks can and MUST leverage to create wealth. We will talk about the energetic shifts and changes that spiritual evolution brings about, and how these must be addressed if we are to joyfully and abundantly engage in this human experience.

Audio Lesson 1: Consciousness

Exactly what does it mean, to be highly conscious? You'll learn:

  • The advantages of high levels of consciousness
  • How to apply our consciousness to wealth creation
  • How consciousness can work AGAINST us if we don't understand it.
  • The HUGE advantage a highly conscious person has when to comes to creating the life (and money) we want.
  • What consciousness means at different dimensional levels ... and how to play at the right one

Audio Lesson 2: Purpose

Your purpose is a HUGE component to creating wealth. Or at least, it can be. But just because you are "doing" your purpose and expanding as you feel guided does not mean that your path will also bring you financial abundance. You'll learn:

  • The definition of our Soul's purpose.
  • How our relationship with our purpose changes as we evolve.
  • Clues to your personal purpose.
  • Why the "doing" of our purpose can seem harder as we evolve.
  • The one thing you MUST do to step into your purpose today.
  • What parts of your purpose can be successfully monetized ... and which will NOT create financial abundance for you.

Audio Lesson 3: Manifesting

Did you know that your abilities to manifest naturally accelerate at higher levels of consciousness? I know ... you're thinking: "But Andrea, I'm not manifesting ANYTHING!" That's right! Here's what you'll discover:

  • Why higher consciousness makes you a more powerful manifestor.
  • Why your higher levels of consciousness can actually make it HARDER to manifest if you are unaware.
  • What really makes manifestation work at high levels of consciousness.
  • The best way to implement your manifesting abilities for quick results!

Audio Lesson 4: Intuition

One of the gifts of higher consciousness is heightened intuitive ability. And again, there are ways of using intuition that simply do not work at higher vibrational levels.

  • Learn how to use your intuition in a way that is aligned with who you are as a highly evolved spiritual Being.
  • Discover what intuition will definitely NOT do for you!
  • Learn how to stop disempowering yourself and creating lack through language.
  • Discover the most effective way you can request intuitive guidance.

This class will give you the information that's absolutely necessary to manage your spiritual evolution in a way creates an abundant human existence.

It's about helping you see yourself as you truly are - a highly evolved spiritual Being in a human experience. Your current level of spiritual development means you MUST do things differently.

Learn the secrets of leveraging your spiritual power and high levels of consciousness to create what you want!

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Andrea, I'm ready to understand how my spiritual evolution goes hand-in-hand with my conscious creation process.

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  • Program worksheets that help me step into my conscious creation process.

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To your abundance,

Andrea Hess


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